Save Money on Tickets- FRIDAY & SATURDAY

Like I shared in the last saving money post, weekends games (Friday and Saturday) are more expensive than other days. That being said it can be more difficult to save money on these games. But I have some tips on saving on the weekends…


PNC Bank Pirates Card Games— With your Pirates Card from PNC Bank, you are eligible to save $5, PLUS get $5 in Loaded Value, good for concessions and merchandise throughout PNC Park. The Pirates and PNC Bank offer this deal for a selection of games, which include Fridays and Saturdays. If you do not have a Pirates Card, I highly recommend upgrading your PNC Bank account to one because of this and other wonderful fan deals!

College Student Discount— College students can save $10 per ticket on Outfield Box tickets, $6 per ticket on Infield Box tickets and $3 per ticket on Grandstand section tickets. To redeem this deal, you must have a valid college email address. A Student ID card is required for ticket window purchases. For online purchases, is used for verification purposes.

My final tip for saving money on Pirate tickets on the weekends is to check ticket resale websites for deals. Sites like, and my personal favorite sometimes have wonderful deals on tickets. I prefer TickPick over any other resale site because they do not charge those annoying ticket fees when buying tickets.

I hope you enjoyed these tips for saving money on weekend Pirate tickets!

-The Baseball Babe


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