I Spotted the Cow!

Saturday May 20, 2017 I headed out to PNC Park to see the Pirates battle the Phillies in game two of the three game series.

During the game, we were walking along the River walk and ran into the Bucco Brigade team playing the Mystery Box game. I was so interested and curious how the players get picked to win these awesome games!

And next thing I know I am playing Spot the Cow!

I got to use the high-tech camera (the camera man told me it was worth $200,000!) and look for the Chick-fil-A cow somewhere on the main concourse of PNC Park. I have watched others play this game so many times, so I knew exactly what I was doing!

The 15 seconds started and I zoomed right in on the cow! Thanks to all the many fans jumping up and down as they helped me spot the cow! I won an awesome prize pack sponsored by Chick-fil-A which included a plush cow, a t-shirt, and multiple gift cards!


It was such an awesome experience! The Bucco Brigade team is so much fun and they really do a great job of getting the fans involved!

You never know, it could be you playing Spot the Cow next time at the ballpark!

-The Baseball Babe


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