The Pirates have announced a wonderful money saving pass that gives you access to all games for the rest of the season. The pass is only $29.99/ month and gives you a standing room only ticket to all games.

Ballpark Pass

The benefits of this promotion includes:

  • Guaranteed Standing Room ticket to every game, including high-demand and weekend games
  • Ease of delivery via the Ballpark app – scan your ticket at the gate directly from your phone
  • Auto-renews each month – no need to make monthly purchases

*information from

Now you may be wondering “Why would anyone want to watch the remaining games while standing?!” Well the Pirates are aware of this concern and have opened up the following areas for standing room ticket holder:

Iron City Skull Bar at section 101
Rivertowne Brewing Hall of Fame Club located in Left Field
Block House Corner Bar in Left Field
Miller Lite Crow’s Nest

This is such a great deal in my opinion! Even if you can only get to 2 games in a month, you already have gotten your money’s worth out of the pass.

Let’s look at this…

The cheapest ticket at PNC Park on a weekday is $19 for a seat in the corner grandstands. 

So going to 2 games at $19 each would total to be $38 and that does not include the ticket fees.

Buying the Ballpark Spring Pass would save you about $10 if you can only go to 2 games a month. Holy savings!

Definitely go check out this promotion before it’s too late! You can by your Spring Pass here.


-The Baseball Babe


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