July 29- Rays vs Yankees- Yankee Stadium

Saturday, July 29 2017, I attending my first ever Yankee game! I have never been to Yankee Stadium so it was an exciting experience. The New York Yankees played Tampa Bay Rays at 1:05 PM. The Yankees beat the Rays the day before 6-1, so it was fun to watch the Rays try to battle back in game two of the series.

First off,  Yankee Stadium is HUGE! It holds about 54,000 people; that is almost double the size of PNC Park! To enter the game, they had us form a line that encircled the stadium. This was slightly annoying because the line was super long and took over 45 minutes to actually get into the stadium. In Pittsburgh, the entrance lines aren’t too long and take 15 minutes tops to get through.

Once finally in the stadium it was also huge. The main concourse was wide enough to keep the flow of people moving, so that was nice and there were many staff members and security monitoring the crowds.

Our seats were located in the Delta Sky 360 Suite. Comparing to PNC Park, the Delta Sky Suites were about the same as the Pittsburgh Baseball Club sections (200 PBC level) of PNC Park. They had their own air-conditioned concourse which lead to the seats. The concourse was much smaller than Pittsburgh, as it did not encircle the entire field. In contrast to PNC Park, there was not a wide selection of food options. There was the typical ballpark food– hot dogs, nachos, pretzels, etc.– and a sushi bar. The sushi bar was very unique. I have never seen sushi being served at a ballpark before. I did like how the Yankees offered complimentary popcorn, peanuts, and fountain drinks. This was very nice because snacks can be pricey inside the park.

The seats were cushioned and had two cup holders (one at the foot and elbow) for drinks. The view from the seats were also nice. Being sectioned slightly left of home plate, the entire field and skyline was in view. Yankee Stadium has a wonderful scoreboard. It was very big and had all the important stats and information on it– player information, pitch speed, innings, runs, etc.)

IMG_20170730_190542_132 IMG_20170730_204427_537 IMG_20170729_214334_217

Overall, the visit to Yankee Stadium was one to remember. They even won 5-4!

-The Baseball Babe

I want to hear your favorite ballpark! Leave a comment with some ballparks you have visited and tell me which one you have liked the best!


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